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re: App: Bloodtrace25

The application submitted by Bloodtrace25 is as follows:

Name : Bloodtrace
Game : World of Warcraft
Server : EU - English - Hellfire
Level : 100
Gender : Female
Faction : Alliance
Race : Human
Class : Death Knight
Spec 1 : Unholy
Spec 2 : Frost

WoW Armory
WoW Heroes

General Questions

Do you apply to this guild because a friend told you about us(who)? Or did you see the recruitment (by who)?:
Recruitment /2 by dreldinwar

What is your age?:

Do you consider yourself as social?:

What do you consider social?:
Well im relly not that social, according to my own standards :P but i like playing with my guild. With all that comes with it, while trying to maintain a good atmosphere.

Do you consider yourself a teamplayer? Please explain.:
Yeah well ofc i am, since we play wow its needed. Its a team effort, its not all about one player ^^

Which previous guilds have you had, and why did you leave/swap guilds?:
Had a long break and got back for wod, been with Legio Vi Victrix for a while now and progressing with them while having a laugh. But the guild kind of disbanded and some changed realms for a fresh start. there for i am looking for a new guild here on hellathor

Which aspect(s) in the guild would you like to be part of?(multi select possible):
Social, Raid, PVP

Why do you want to join us/the rank you applied to?:
Its mainly for raiding, as that is what i enjoy the most atm. Always loved to progress. But im a pvpbeast as well so if you guys have some pvp aspect to the guild i am most likely to explore it.

Do you consider yourself skilled? could you tell shortly why?:
One can always improve, but iv played dk since wotlk and played since vanilla. Its been alot of playing over the years, i would consider myself above avarage.

What would you like to do inside the guild and what do you expect from us?:
Leeroy jenkins :D is that a valid answear? hmmm.... Well i would like to contribute to your main prog team, to have fun and explore the game to the fullest. And do a bit of pvp, if you guys cover that :P

We find it very important our guild name will never get damaged. So we want you to agree to this: if you ninja, make people look bad and make childish comments in our guild or anywere else, we will be removing you from the guild without any warnings.:
DO IT! i hate ninjas and kiddos ^^

Raid Questions

What could you play in a raid?(multi select possible):
Melee Dps

What do you play best in pve?:

How much raiding experience do you have?(which raids, HC or normal, when and which size 10, 25 or 40m):
Well played almost all raids exept for Mop (had a break at that time, so only done some lrf 90's) else then that iv pretty much done them all. with all that applys to that

Are you a player that reads up the bossfights and watches movies about them, this to up the chance of succes for the team?:

Can you commit to 3 nights raiding a week?:

Raids of our main team are planned Monday, Wednesday and Thursday from 21:00 PM to 23:30 PM realm time, can you attend these?:

Which classes and roles could you offer us incase we dont have a spot for your main toon , and how well can you play them?:
Well i have a 667il Priest that i can play well as disc/shadow and i really enjoy him aswell, but i have always loved warr/dk/ret. Allways seem to find myself holding a large 2h putting out some insane numbers.

PVP Questions

Are you willing to join the PvP ranks?:

RBG nights are Thursday and Tuesday at this moment. does this suit you?:
Sure, love pvping as well

How much experience do you have with arena's and RBG's?(highest ratings, which classes and which roles):
Havent played anything serious for a while, almost allways helping guild memmbers out in arena so they can cap CP and get a bit of gear. As well as trying to teach them what to do and to look for in the fights. low 1600's id assume since i havent been trying to push.

Why should you be part of our RBG team?(what can you add, what is your power):
Why, to learn and to have fun! i would love to puch some rating in RBG to get me that grand marshal 2her :D Im good at creating preasure as well as calling or switching targets for a fast swap and kill. Knolege of all the classes as well as most common playstyles

What do you expect from the PVP core?:
Fun yet serious rbg if we are trying to push ^^

Which classes and roles could you offer us incase we dont have a spot for your main toon, and how well can you play them?:
as mentioned be4, Main dk (unholy/frost) or Priest (disc/shadow) both pvp and pve geared

General Questions

Also, for raid or pvp events we use Mumble. Please install this right after your apply. The details to enter our channel are in the ingame guildinfo.:
Jokes on you, already got it xD

Do you have experience for the role you applied for(pvp or raiding)? Please explain (more detailed is better):
Yeah, first time as a priest tho. but i am playing it well imo. The dk i have alot of exp with.... Iv played most classes most lvls got a fair amount of exp from the game.

Anything we have missed what you like to tell us?:
Soz for a bit shorter answears but this apply is getting to me, Got a bit of tubble typing since im dyslecting and eng aint my first language. taken me 45 min since the start of the apply xD!!!!!!

Will you, when accepted introduce yourself towards the guild: age, kind of work/study and hobbies or something like that:) just what you like share and helps us to get to know you better. This you could post on in the therefore assigned section:):

Application Availability Info:
Sunday -> Always
Monday -> Always
Tuesday -> Always
Wednesday -> Always
Thursday -> Always
Friday -> Always
Saturday -> Always
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