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re: Fake Casting in WoD



One of the most anticipated changes of the pre-patch was the change to server responsiveness. Roughly speaking, this change made abilities land as soon as their key press was registered. This means that whenever a Rogue uses kick, the ability will immediately register on the server. Part of this change was to address a problem Warriors and DKs had with their Pummel and Mind Freeze abilities. Prior to the patch there was a noticeable delay between when the Warrior/DK used their interrupt abilities and when the abilities actually landed on the target. Some people expressed frustration that their kicks were not landing when they obviously should have. Moreover, latency would often increase the effects of ability delay, making kicks even harder to land for high latency players. These problems were resolved by the change to server responsiveness; people with higher latency could now have some of the advantages that their lower ping friends have had for years.

Lately, however, I have been hearing people express that they are having a harder time juking their spells. With interrupt abilities landing significantly faster, some people are having a harder time faking their casts. In this guide I will explain my philosophy for juking casts. This will include some basic juking strategies as well as some suggestions for playing against higher rated players that are more difficult to juke.



Before going into the technical details of interrupting, it is important that you are well equipped to juke interrupts. There are a few addons and interface configurations that are important to juking casts.


Omnibar is a replacement for the popular InterruptBar addon. The addon will show when enemy players have used their interrupts, which is important for framing when you will be needing to juke.Alternatively, the addon Juked (http://www.curse.com/addons/wow/juked) provides cooldown tracking for multiple abilities, including more than just interrupts.

Interface Configurations

I recommend placing your interrupt tracker either near your cast bar, or in some place where you can monitor important things in your peripheral vision (such as friendly player healthbars or enemy cast bars).


The core of juking is anticipating when an enemy player will react to your casts. Most interrupts are done reactively, meaning that players will use their interrupts in response to new visual stimuli (in this case, a cast bar). Very few players will actually interrupt preemptively (also called pre-kicking) and use their interrupt in anticipation of your cast. I will cover pre-kicking later in this guide. For the meantime, I want to focus exclusively on reactive interrupts.

Because reactive interrupting is part of the meta game strategy of almost all players, there are noticeable trends in the kicking patterns of individual players. The goal in finding a juking strategy is to recognize an interrupting pattern on a player by player basis.


Lately I have been very scientific in my approach to adopting new meta game strategies. Recently I saw a reaction time game on reddit which measured individual reaction times of players and compared them to an average of every player. The average response time to new visual stimuli was approximately 200ms, or two tenths of a second. Lately I have started to use this information to find patterns in enemy interrupts.

To find an interrupt pattern for individual players, start by casting a spell and cancelling its cast very quickly. Most players (especially melee) will try to use their interrupts as soon as they see an enemy cast bar. If possible, try to time your cancel cast within 200ms of when the cast was started. It’s important to not cancel the cast too quickly though, as it might be too obvious to the enemy player that you will be trying to juke.

From this point, one of two things will have happened…

  1. The player did use their interrupt, in which case you have successfully juked their kick. If this is the case, continue to cancel your casts within 200ms of the start of casting every time the enemy has their interrupt available.
  2. The player did not use their interrupt. This means that they are either anticipating your juke, or they have a very slow reaction time. If this is the case, start extending your casts more and more toward completion. On your next attempted cast, complete your cast to 25% to 75% completion. If you notice that the player will only use their interrupts at the end of casts, then try and complete 75% of your cast before cancelling your cast..


I have been playing melee for a few years now. I often find myself in a situation training a healer who will not even attempt to complete a cast until I have used my interrupt. Even if they are at 100% health, they will continue to juke their casts until they see my kick on cooldown. This is a very dangerous way to interrupt casts. When you or your partners are at high health, it is perfectly fine to soak an interrupt. The earlier you eat an interrupt, the more often you will be able to freecast when you or your partners actually need heals.


Most DPS casters have multiple spell schools.

Mage: Frost, Arcane, Fire, Frostfire 1

Warlock: Shadow, Fire

Shadow Priest: Shadow, Holy

Balance Druid: Arcane, Nature, Spellstorm 2

Resto Druid: Nature, Arcane

If you happened to get interrupt on one school, you are still able to use your other schools to cast other abilities. For example, if you are a mage trying to land a Polymorph on a healer, you can bait an interrupt on your frost school by casting Ring of Frost so that you are able to freecast a Polymorph once the ring has been interrupted. It is important to use all of your spell schools while dealing with interrupts. If you do take an interrupt, maximize the amount of abilities you can use while interrupted.

1-Frostfire Includes both Frost and Fire schools

2-Spellstorm includes both Arcane and Nature schools


Most of what I’ve covered up to this point involves juking reactive interrupts. As I mentioned, some very skilled players will try and per-emptively kick casts, making juking seemingly impossible. There is a simple workaround to this problem. When enemy players pre-kick, they rely on patterns within your motion in order to time their kicks. More specifically, if they notice that while not casting you are moving around and jumping, they will most likely time their kick as soon as they see you stop moving. This is based on the assumption that your lack of movement signals a casting attempt. The simple solution to this problem is to be sporadic with your movements. If you are anticipating a pre-kick, wait a second or two after being completely motionless before attempting to go for a cast.

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